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Journeys    [Hongkong] 
2018-05-06 21:35:10

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It was the 3rd time for me to go to Hong Kong in the recent 3 weeks. All I want is to apply a bank card in Hong Kong. I was refused at the first time by both HSBC bank and Bank of China. And bringing more materials at the second time, I finally got one from Standard Chartered Bank successfully. But unfortunately, I missed a signature, so I have to go there and sign it again.

I have bought all I need at the first 2 times, so this time, after finished what I have to do, I decide to find a place to take a small trip. The place I choose is Hong Kong Wetland Park. It is located in the northwest of Hong Kong, and it is very near to the city of Shenzhen where I live.

I took the West Rail Line at Tuen Mun metro station, transferred to Light Rail at Tin Shui Wai metro station, and then exited the Wetland Park station. There is a overpass above the tracks. On the overpass, we can see a sign here telling us the basic information of the park.




Walking down the overpass, we can see another sign here, and it shows us that there is a bus here which goes to Shenzhen Bay Port.


After walking along the road for some time, we can see the ticket office. The ticket only costs 30 Hong Kong dollars.


Now it is time to stop saying too much and enjoy the photos.