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Journeys    [ShenZhen] 
2018-05-06 21:20:32

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Shenzhen is not only one of 4 Tier-I cities in China, but also a very beautiful coastal city. Days ago, I went to one of the most famous hiking trails in the east of Shenzhen. I’m gonna show you some beautiful photos today.

According to Baidu, it is a coastal greenway located in YanTian District, with a total length of 19.5 kilometers, stretching from the Chinese-British Street Tower Park in the west to the small Meisha Park in the east. I have been there once months ago, so I know the first part of the trail (from the Tower Park to the YanTian Fish Street) is not that beautiful as I imagined, because we were basically walking along several normal streets in the city and there are almost no sea view along that part of the way.

So I started from the YanTian Fish Street this time. I’m living in the west of the city, and since the trail is in the east of the city, I got up very early that day. I took a taxi to the nearest metro station Fuyong, took subway Line 11, transferred to Line 2 at FuTian station, and then took the M290 bus at the HuangBeiLing station. After about 2 hours’ journey, I arrived at the YanTian Fish Street finally.

Here are some photos I’ve taken along the way.