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Specific knowledge is often highly technical or creative. It cannot be outsourced or automated.
-Naval Ravikant
2018-05-01 15:10:14

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Continue walking around the lake for a while, I arrived at a main scenic spot where they build a lot of statues or buildings in honor of a great poet in Chinese history: Su Dongpo. He was once demoted here, and he is actually the first famous people to call this lake the West Lake.





Besides the statues of Su, there is also a statue of a beautiful woman here. Her name is Wang Zhaoyun, and she is a concubine of Su. She was buried here.

According to legend, Wang was born in a poor family and became a famous courtesan since she was very young. Su happened to meet Wang in a large banquet, and he was immediately fascinated by her dancing skill and extraordinary temperament. Su also wrote a famous poet to praise her for her beauty.

Wang is not only a beautiful concubine, but also a loyal one. When Su is demoted to Huizhou, he is almost 60 years old, which means he may not have any chances to be promoted anymore. Most concubines of Su left him, but Wang insists following him here, although she is only less than 30 years old then.






Almost at every scenic spot, there always be a lot of people gathering and taking photos. So it is not easy to take a photo without including any strangers. A good trick is to hold the camera and wait until "something" beautiful emerged in the camera, and you can press the button then. Thus a more beautiful photo is taken.



After taking a walk around the east half of the Ping Lake, I got tired. So I go back to the hotel and have a rest.

At sunset time, I go out again. After having dinner, I go to see Dongjiang river. Huizhou is such a beautiful city. There are not only lakes but also a large river running in the central region of the city, not to mention the fact that there are also many beautiful beaches along the coast of the city.






On the way back to the hotel, it suddenly rains heavily. I got completely wet, so I have to change. When the rain stopped, I go out to take a walk around the lake again.





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