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-Naval Ravikant
2018-05-01 14:21:51

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National Day holidays came. As a happy bachelor, I decided to take a trip somewhere near to Shenzhen. I remember that one of my friends once mentioned a beautiful lake in Huizhou, and he even said this lake is as beautiful as the most famous lake in China: Hangzhou West Lake.

Ok, that’s it.

This is the 4th day in the National Day holidays. I get up very early and then go to the nearest intercity bus station Fuyong station and take a bus. After about 2 hours, I finally arrived at the Huizhou intercity bus station.

I know the west lake happens to be near to the Huizhou intercity bus station, so I do not take any buses anymore. After going outside from the station, I turn right and keep walking for about 600 meters before seeing a bridge. This is the bridge.


Standing on the bridge and looking toward southeast, it is the South Lake. South Lake is one of six lakes of the West Lake according to the official version. Another five lakes are Ping Lake, Feng Lake, Ling Lake, E Lake, and HongHua Lake.


There is a path around the lake. Taking a walk along this path is a very enjoyable experience. There for some time I stop walking, enjoy the fresh breeze which played on my brow, and appreciate the beauty of the lake.





I don’t see too many people during the walk. This let the lake appear more halcyon. Although South Lake is one of six lakes of West Lake scenic region, there are not too many tourists who are willing to spend time on this lake, because it will take too much time to finish seeing all six lakes, and South Lake is not the main lake.





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